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Safety First

(and not just Covid-19)

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to home learning pods but especially so during Covid-19.

Scoot at Home has developed the following policies and protections to make pods as safe as possible for students, families, and educators.

Covid Protection Policies


To reduce the risk of virus transmission between educator and family members, all parties are required to take precautions which include: 


One of the following should be met to provide air circulation:

  • Window(s) should be open

  • Air-conditioning turned on

  • Fan(s) switched on


If any pod member or educator begins to experience virus like symptoms this must be reported to Scoot immediately and the individual may not participate in the learning pod until a negative Covid-19 test is produced.


Only essential visitors should be allowed into a learning pod home when the learning pod is being conducted indoors. Pod members must be confirmed in advance.


If the educator or a family member test positive for Covid-19 they cannot join the learning pod for at least 14 days and must meet Scoot’s “Return to Pod” policy.


All Scoot at Home educators have:

  • Passed a CA DOJ & FBI criminal background check with ongoing monitoring 

  • Recent tuberculosis clearance

  • Completed safety training

  • Had references checked


To help reduce possible transmission and exposure, all learning pods must be restricted to up to three families and no more than eight students. 


All people must be six feet apart.
When not possible to socially distance, a face covering or face shield must be worn unless CA exemptions are met.


Educator and all families should commit to forming an ‘isolation bubble’ around their learning pod. Scoot at Home will help broker an agreement for everyone to accept. Following the agreement rules will keep the bubble safe.


Educators and families are expected to check-in with each other regularly and educators self-report temperature to Scoot. Temperature must be below 100F.

Risk and Liability Protection


When it comes to establishing a home learning pod, there's more to consider than just health and safety precautions.
Working with Scoot at Home not only helps protect your pod from virus transmission but also from the risk and liability that can occur when you have workers in your home. Here's how Scoot protects you:


All Scoot at Home educators are employees of Scoot Education. This means Scoot takes care of all the regulatory compliance requirements to ensure you don't have to worry about them!

This includes:

  • Employment contracts

  • State & Federal reporting

  • Payroll taxes

  • Workers' compensation

  • Background checks & vetting

  • Accrual and usage of sick leave

  • Wage and hour laws

  • Meal and rest breaks


Scoot works with hundreds of private schools and public districts in California so our insurance coverage is top-of-line.

In many cases Scoot's insurance extends to our customers to protect them against lawsuits should incidents occur within your home learning pod.

Scoot holds:

  • Workers' comp insurance

  • General liability insurance

  • EPL insurance


When you decide to source an educator through Scoot at Home instead of via direct employment (i.e., as a contractor) you save yourself from having to comply with many state, federal, and local laws mandated to legally engage with a worker. 

Not complying this these laws can create financial and legal risk should an incident (or audit) occur so let Scoot take care of it!

Don't expose yourself to having to produce 1099 forms, W2s, and unemployment claims!

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