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How To Pick The Right At-Home Teacher For Your Learning Pod

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Whether you’ve jumped into a pandemic pod with other fellow parents or on a solo mission, selecting the right at-home educator for your children feels overwhelming among a growing to-do list.

Good news! You’ve already got the tools and practice needed to make the right decision.

Choosing a teacher for your at-home learning pod is like choosing a school, except you’re the principal and hiring director!

Think of it as an opportunity-not an added stressor-where you get to find the perfect fit for your children’s learning needs.

Selecting the perfect teacher is a personalized decision you’ll make with your pod to produce a successful school year despite the pandemic.

Read on for our list of what to consider when hiring an at-home teacher.

talk to your children

The search for the right educator begins in understanding your child’s development and individual needs.

It seems simple, but it’s often forgotten. Speak with your child to see how they’re feeling and give them an opportunity to express their needs from an at-home educator.

  • What kind of learner is my child?

  • Which subjects does my child excel and struggle with?

  • What learning environment does my child thrive in? Traditional? Innovative? Progressive?

  • How does my child learn best? Reading, listening, discussing, writing, modeling?

  • Does my child flourish in an environment that fosters creativity or do they require more patience when completing tasks?

You might already know these answers from the past parent-teacher meetings you so diligently attended!

match educational values

Does the teacher have the same educational values as you?

Your learning pod should have clear goals and values for your children’s education and development.

Similar mission statements help to ensure that everyone agrees on a method to teach and guide the children.

It becomes easier to collaborate on goals and solidifying steps to reach success!

determine the best teaching style

Does the educator excel in a teaching style best for your children?

Some educators use a demonstrator method, or coaching style, that incorporates more visual presentations. Others use the facilitator style that encourages self-learning through peer-to-teacher learning.

Preschool teachers, for example, can either have an academic or play-based curriculum where the former is routine-oriented with more learning drills while the latter grants children more autonomy to choose activities based on their interests.

Teaching styles may also differ because of the educator’s energy. Some children may love someone who is highly energetic, while other children can feel overwhelmed.

Ensure that the educator you pick can develop a healthy and communicative relationship with the children.

consider prior experience

Discuss with other families on what kind of experience you want your educator to have.

Is it a must that they have at least 5+ years of experience teaching the age group of your learning pod?

Does it matter whether the teaching experience was at a charter, private, or public school? Some families might prefer teachers who taught at the same types of schools that their children were already attending.

Regardless of what experience you or your group wants, always check for references as well! They’re the cherry on top of a great resume.

like their personality

Being part of a pandemic learning pod means that you, other families, and educators become a unit and there's nothing worse than disliking someone in the group!

When it’s regular school you don’t have much say about the educator your child gets, but at home when you’re paying the bills make sure you like the person.

There's a lot of time together, so make sure you enjoy the educator and have things in common.

We're not saying they need to be your best friend, but if you don't find them at least enjoyable then cooperating for your children’s education can get difficult and uncomfortable.

So evaluate their compatibility with your organizational, parenting, and lifestyle choices.

ensure safety

It goes without saying you’re concerned about the safety and well-being of your kids. During a pandemic where you’ll be inviting a teacher into your home, this is heightened.

Using a company like Scoot At Home ensures the teacher is extensively vetted, and reference checked. The teacher also must pass a CA DOJ & FBI criminal background check with ongoing monitoring. If a teacher commits a crime while teaching in your home, we notify you right away and terminate employment.

We prioritize your safety as much as you do.

Additionally, if you’re not using a company to handle payroll, liability, and compensation then consider speaking to your insurance agent, accountant, and lawyer about financial and legal risks that can occur.

You could be sued for accidents that happen in your home or audits might find mistakes in your paperwork that don’t comply with state, federal, and local laws.

Let Scoot At Home do the heavy lifting for you!

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