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How It Works

Finding the right teacher for your home learning pod is an important, thorough process but it doesn't have to take more than a week!

Below is a step-by-step guide explaining how our placement process works.


Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with a Scoot at Home consultant so we can learn more about your home learning pod or pandemic pod needs. You can also ask us questions! Consultations normally last 30 minutes and one or more families can join.


Your Consultant Gets to Work!

We get to work searching through our network of vetted, qualified educator employees to create a shortlist of candidates for your learning pod. This process normally takes a few days and is based on hours/days, location, grade level, cultural fit, and subject matter expertise.


Showtime! We Present Your Shortlist

Your consultant will schedule a meeting to present the shortlisted educators for your learning pod. Normally we try to find three to four for your shortlist.

We encourage all involved families to attend this meeting. Your consultant is available to answer your questions.


Interviews and Selection

We'll organize for you to video interview upto three candidates of your choosing.
If you wish, following the video interviews you can choose one candidate to meet in-person.

After meeting the candidates, your family or families and the preferred educator decide if you would like to form a learning pod together!


Work Out The Details

Your Scoot consultant works with all families and the educator to iron out the details before starting your pod.

For example:

  • Learning pod schedule

  • Collect payment details

  • Agree on isolation bubble rules between families and educator


Launch Your
Learning Pod

Your learning pod is ready for take off!

Families will only be charged once the first learning pod sessions have been scheduled then weekly after that.