Finish the virtual school year strong, hire an
in-person teacher

Our teachers help your
learning pod stay on track from the safety of your home


How Do Learning Pods Work?

(hint: the best of both worlds)

With Scoot at Home, your children remain enrolled in their school's virtual classroom but also participate in an at-home learning pod with an in-person educator and other students to interact with.

Teacher and Student

In Person At Home

Scoot at Home's in-person educator makes sure your pod students are engaged in their education, has support available whenever needed and plenty of one-to-one time.


COVID Protected

Pods limit the possibility of spreading COVID-19 because they're made of students you know, from families you trust.
Plus Scoot helps your pod set safety protocols and standards.

Young Women with Backpacks

Social Wellbeing

Students need to be with other students or it can impact their social and emotional growth. Pods allow students to spend time together to can learn with and from each other.


Resources To Start Your Learning Pod


Pod & teacher isolation agreement


Family members isolation agreement


Start a home learning pod worksheet


How to hire a teacher without IRS fines

How It Works

1/ Scoot Consultation

Start with a free consultation with a Scoot team member who learns about your  what type of educator.

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2/ Choose Your Educator

Scoot at Home connects you with one of our educators for you to interview and consider suitability.

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3/ Start Your Pod - Up To 8 Students

Scoot helps you start your pod! From setting a weekly schedule to creating curriculum priorities, you can relax knowing your child's education  and safety is properly supported during at-home learning.


Educators You Can Trust

All Our Educators Are:

Highly Experienced

Scoot at Home's educators are K-12 classroom teachers so know how to deliver engaging academics and are familiar with school-based curriculum and grading standards.

Background Checked

Scoot at Home has access to the most thorough criminal background checks possible. Our background checks come straight from the FBI and Department of Justice.

Deeply Vetted

Each of our educators have been through a rigorous pre-hire vetting process which includes interviews, professional references, mandatory, training, and qualification assessment.

Scoot Employee

Our educators aren't freelancers or independent contractors, instead they're W2 employees of Scoot at Home so we take care of all the regulatory employment requirements.

Where Great Schools Hire Great Teachers

The best schools in California hire their teachers from Scoot Education and now you can too.

Hundreds of high-performing private, public, and charter schools across California find their full-time and day to day teachers from Scoot Education.

For the last 15 years Scoot Education has been helping to create exceptional experiences in education in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

We know what it takes to employ the best teachers and put them into the right setting to achieve incredible student learning outcomes.

Plans & Pricing

Kindergarten to Grade 6


  • Pricing is per pod per day

  • Recommended up to six students

  • Recommended max of three families

  • Same educator each day and all day

  • Experienced elementary educator

Each day includes:​

  • Four hours of academic enrichment

  • One hour of supervision and tutoring

  • One hour of prep time for educator

Grade 7 to Grade 12


  • Pricing is per pod per day

  • Recommended up to eight students

  • Recommended max of three families

  • Specialist educators

Each day includes:​

  • Two hours English/History enrichment

  • Two hours of STEM enrichment

  • One hour of supervision and tutoring

  • One hour of prep time for educator


Parent Stories

“When my son's school went 100% virtual it was almost impossible to get him to pay attention and I couldn't work. The academic gap between where he should be versus where he actually was became obvious. I couldn't let that continue.”

Jess, San Diego